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The Timewaster Letters

Absurd, pointless and hilarious letters

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Product Description

Everyone needs to have a hobby and Robin Coopers is one we can all enjoy, although his is not a common one like hiking, stamp collecting, or bird watching. This man enjoys nothing more than writing ridiculous letters to companies and people around the world.

Inside the Timewaster Letters you will find a range of spoof letters with illustrations and the responses from the poor customer service agent who received them. From showing off his roman themed beef scarecrows to a gardening magazine to harassing the British Halibut Association, this man seriously has too much time on his hands. Providing hearty chuckles from every reader, the Timewaster Letters is a great way for you to waste some of your own time.  

Product Features

  • Hilarious book of spoof letters
  • With writings to the Peanut Council, Prince Charles, Debenhams etc.
  • Imaginative illustrations
  • Probably the best way to waste your own time
  • Paperback
  • Measures approx. 

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