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Very Embarrassing Dad Jokes

What's yellow and stupid? Thick custard!

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Product Description

Some jokes are so dreadfully bad that only a certain type of person will ever dare say them. Those people are dads. There’s an unwritten rule that once you have fathered a child you must carry the flag of rubbish joke teller. Jokes so bad that laughs are mixed with groans in equal measure.

If you are a dad and looking to expand your knowledge of awful jokes and puns then this book is your new bible. Its jam-packed with comedy gold such as ‘what goes snap, crackle?......Two rice krispies!” and “what was Beethoven’s fifth favourite fruit?.....Ba-na-na-na!”.

With over 1000 jokes you’ll never run out of material and you’ll never get tired of telling them!

Product Features

  • Over 1000 Dad jokes
  • Some of them are truly awful
  • Some of them are actually quite good
  • Perfect for, but not limited to, Dads, Grandads, Step Dads, Dads to be, Foster Dads, Just-like-a Dads

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