Where's The Zombie

A post-apocalyptic Where’s Wally

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Product Description

In the year 2034, Doctor J Peters was quarantined after coming into contact with a deadly and highly contagious new virus. He was removed from his family home but it seems this was too little too late and the virus had already spread. Now, all his family have been infected with virus and have broken him out of quarantine. We need your help to track down the Peters family before they infect the world and turn everyone into brain munching zombies!

Search through the news bulletins to try to find all ten members of the infected family. With every turn of the page the zombie invasion increases and less and less characters are human, making it even harder to find the zombies you are looking for. With battles in the street, the taking over of the white house and subway station wars, this book covers all the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse. The gruesome imagery and dramatic scenes may not be for everyone but if you are finding Where’s Wally a little dull, this will definitely spice things up.

Product Features

  • Fun take on Where’s Wally search books
  • Search for the ten members of the newly zombified family
  • Perfect for zombie fans
  • Difficulty increases as you go
  • Search for ten medical kits on each page for a bonus
  • Answers are found in the back
  • More miscellaneous items to search for in the back
  • 17 scenarios
  • Gruesome and  terrifying images
  • Hard back cover
  • Measures approx. 29cm x 21cm x 1cm

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