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Why Men Skim Stones

Why do they do what they do?

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Product Description

Men sure are a funny old species. Hard to understand and even harder to be around, many of us struggle to comprehend exactly why men do what they do. If only we could get an insight into the world of man.

Well, with this book you can. Why Men Skim Stones will take you on a mind opening journey through the ins and outs of the man’s world. A complete illustrated guide from A-Z of all the strange things you might catch a modern man doing. Why do they go angling in the rain? Why they enjoy trying to pee as high up a wall as possible? And why do they spend so much time planning for the apparently inevitable zombie apocalypse are just a few of the subjects covered.

Not only does this mencyclopaedia provide understanding for females but also handy tips and guides on how to be the best man you can. From chanting, to bleeding radiators and skin to skin baby bonding, everything a man will encounter in his life is covered in this book.

Product Features

  • A guide to the modern man
  • You can finally understand why they do what they do
  • Illustrated with guides and man tips
  • Unravel the mysteries of the man
  • 240 pages
  • Hard back book
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 13cm x 2cm

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