Remote Control Zombie

Mmmm, brains

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Product Description

The zombie apocalypse has been long awaited by some people, and this is just the beginningof the invasion. Unlike most terrifying zombies running riot, this one is under your full command as you hold the brains (or rather, remote control).

Send your zombie on the search for his next victim with the brain shaped remote or create an undead army of your very own with a collection of zombies. The 20cm tall minion will trudge forward with realistic groaning sound effects. This creepy guy can’t move at high speeds (but if you had been dead for a few years you would probably be a bit slow and wobbly too)! His neck and arms are poseable and with a creepy face that will no doubt visit you in your nightmares.

Product Features

  • Creepy undead toy
  • Control via remote control brain
  • Moves forwards
  • With realistic zombie groans
  • Poseable arms and head
  • Zombie measures approx. 20cm x 8cm
  • Brain measures approx. 7cm

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