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Product Description

The point of the TV remote is so that we can freely adjust our viewing by simply pressing buttons on a remote in the comfort of our armchairs. If the said remote has been misplaced then we end up burning more energy searching for it than we would if we originally decided just to get off our fat bums and change channel on the telly. If this is a predicament you often find yourself stuck in, then get organized with the Cozy Remote Tidy!  Made from non-slip rubber, it’s a convenient and stylish place to keep your remotes without the worry of losing them...... as long as you remember to put them in there in the first place, but that's down to you ;) 

Product Features

  • Sleek remote control holder
  • Made from non-slip rubber
  • Measures approx. 13cm x 13cm x 9cm

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Excellent - Review by Kat

Got bought this from a friend from this website. Had to know where she got it from. Such a cool website with loads of stuff.

Cozy is brilliant. Looks so good.