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Superman Rhodium Cufflinks

Fresh Off The Krypton Catwalks

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Product Description

If you want to take on the persona of arguably the greatest superhero of them all, but don’t fancy yourself in a blue skin-tight outfit, then these Stylish cufflinks are a more subtle tribute to the Man of Steel.

Made from Rhodium they will transform a boring old shirt in to something a bit more…well…super. Each cufflink beautifully depicts the family symbol for the House of El which Superman famously wears upon his chest, so at the very least you could pretend to be Kal-El’s second cousin or maybe the Uncle that isn’t really an Uncle but a good family friend.

So if you want something straight off the Kryptonian catwalks but don’t want to give away your secret identity, then these awesome cufflinks are just the ticket. We are sure Martha Kent will approve.

Product Features

  • Super cool Superman cufflinks
  • Officially licensed
  • Featuring Superman’s famous logo
  • Made from Rhodium with black detailing
  • As you would expect, come as a pair

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