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Rockin Spoons

Rock n Roast

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Product Description

If you love to cook, and even if you don’t, the best way to enjoy your time behind a stove is to crank up your jams as loud as you can and rock out in your kitchen to your favourite tunes.

Now you can throw aside your air guitar (don’t worry - it won’t break) and pick up a Rockin Spoon instead! Perfect for salads, sauces, soups and batters, this set of two Beechwood spoons with have you jiving all over your kitchen. So if you’re lacking a little funk in your food then we can’t think of anything better to boogie up your breakfasts, brighten your brunches or loosen up your lunchtimes than this awesome Rockin' Spoons set.

Product Features

  • Add a little rock n roll to your kitchen
  • A harmonising duo made from Beechwood
  • Great for non-stick cookware
  • Heat resistant guitar shape spoons
  • Just like a real guitar, keep away from the dishwasher

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