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Rubber Band It

Rubber band shooting pen

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Product Description

There's always one person in every office that loves to fire elastic bands across the room so here's a way to get them back! The Rubber Band It fires elastic bands at high velocity towards your intended target! The Rubber Band It is a stylish pen in a black rubbery finish, with a push-button black ink ballpoint.

Simply stretch a rubber band from the nib end to the button at the back of the pen. Hold by the clip, aim carefully and push the button! The pen can then be aimed and the band is released by pushing the button. The packaging also converts into practice target.The Rubber Band It has a rubberised black finish making it comfy to hold and easy to use.

Product Features

  • Rubber band launching pen
  • Target included
  • Fun and useful
  • Functions as a normal pen
  • Fires elastic bands
  • Elastic bands included
  • Measures approx. 16cm (l) x 2cm (diameter)

Technical Specifications

  • Ballpoint
  • Retractable pen


  • 1 x rubber band launching pen
  • 1 x target
  • Several rubber bands

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