Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine

Fossil fuels are so last millennium

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Product Description

With all this news of global warming and climate change, there has to be something we can do to help. You’d probably say that buying something with a giant V8 engine wouldn’t be the way to resolve the issue, but in these circumstances it is!

The Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car is jam packed with science, fun, creativity and environmental goodness. This eco warrior’s concept car looks superb once built and will teach children about the potential of clean energy.

To run, simply add about five drops of salt water onto the magnesium strips and the engine will begin to run for up to 15 minutes. You can power your little truck with a flat engine, although we personally think a big beefy ‘V’ shape looks better. The twist body and adjustable height makes the vehicle more customisable and the four wheel drive will help it over lumps and bumps in the roads. The snap together parts are easily put together without the use of glue and should only take a few minutes to complete the design.

The Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine kit teaches kids about how useful environmentally friendly energy is with different engine configurations and the chance to improve on their engineering skills.

Product Features

  • 4 wheel drives gives full traction on uneven surfaces
  • Removable fuel cell assembly
  • Engine can be flat or ‘v’ shape
  • Pivoting body for more rugged surfaces
  • Adjustable height
  • 4 or 5 drops of salt water create 15 minutes of drive time
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • No batteries required – runs on salt water
  • Measures approx. 9cm x 9cm x 12cm


  • 2 sprues of white plastic parts
  • 1 sprue of blue plastic parts
  • 4 tyre treads
  • Motor assembly parts
  • Plastic pipette
  • 3 magnesium strips

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Cool kit - Review by T

V cool kit. Instructions easy to follow and works well.

Help - Review by Tom

This car doesn't work as the metal I got doesn't work I wouldn't recommend it this is really hard and my dad could not figure it out and he is an engineer but I will have a go at the solar panel puppy

RED5 says: “Hi there, we are sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine :( If you contact our customer service team at they will be able to help :) We also sell the spare magnesium sheets on our website here:”

Unusual gift - Review by Keith

I originally bought the car for my grandson who unfortunately is only 5.
So I had the task of building it while he watched. He was fascinated by the picture of the cars design, I was fascinated by the build quality and my old chemistry days. When it was finished I explained how the battery worked and my grandson seemed to understand at least it is a step in the right direction. Great Kit!!

Awesome Gift - Review by Alex

Bought the Salt Water Fuel Engine for my Dad for Christmas who I find difficult to buy for in general but he really enjoyed this. It comes out the box like air-fix models so it's worth having a pair of cable cutters nearby to trim the flashing off but it's a lot of fun to put together. The tyres are very grippy and it can scale very steep inclines and runs very well considering it only needs a few drops of water and table salt! Would recommend this to anyone.

Fabulous, educational model - Review by Chris

Beautifully made. Fits together perfectly. I would recommend this to any age (especially over 50's).