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Bushido Brolly

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Product Description

We’re sick and tired of the ever changing weather in this country and we have found the perfect accessory with this awesome Samurai Umbrella. Now you can battle with the weather in true warrior style.

You don’t need to be a strict follower of the Bushido Code to look cool with this umbrella. Styled in a classic black, the Samurai Umbrella can be worn across your shoulder when not in use, looking just like a typical Samurai sword. When the rain starts its attack, simply grab the decorated hilt and pull the umbrella from its protective sheath. Defend yourself from raindrops in an instant using the one button press opening system and keep yourself dry in any season. 

Product Features

  • Samurai styled umbrella
  • Hard wearing design
  • One button opening system
  • Decorated hilt
  • Wearable sheath with fastening
  • Measures approx. 95cm x 90cm x 67cm (101cm diameter)

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Great umbrella but sheath and strap are rubbish - Review by Alistair

The umbrella itself is a very decent one that opens and closes automatically on a sturdy spring hook and the samurai styling on the handle is good (it's black plastic though). However the sheath is very cheaply made and you can't really wear it on your back using the sheath as the strap is tiny and isn't adjustable.