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Stardate 21.10.13. We have intercepted a cargo vessel adrift in the Delta Quadrant. It's crew have abandoned ship, leaving its cargo behind. At first glance they appear to be metallic bracelets but on closer inspection they have the ability to display the time and date within the links themselves. It’s a clever use of blue light emitting diodes; no doubt thought up by an alien civilisation more advanced than our own. The power source seems to be similar to CR2016 batteries we use here on earth, but the nature of the watches mean they don’t often need replacing.

Available in two distinctive styles - Gunmetal or Silver, we are sure they are going to be popular on most planets across the solar system. The first shipment will be beamed down to RED5 and will be available for sale for 24.95 Earth pounds or one bar of gold pressed latinum.

Product Features

  • Futuristic looking watches with hidden display
  • Bright blue LEDs look fantastic in the dark
  • Shows the date and time (in minutes and seconds)
  • 12/24hr mode option
  • Available in gunmetal or silver
  • Uses CR2016 batteries

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Great present - Review by Hassan

It's an awesome watch which looks really cool but what I didn't like was that it started to lose it's colour and i could not see the time properly during a nice sunny day so that put me off a bit but overall it is nice watch.

RED5 says: “Hi there Hassan, sorry to hear your watch has started to lose its colour. Please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will get this sorted for you”

Geek to the Max - Review by Diane

Received this within 2 days of order - awesome ! I love this - I'm a girly geek - and as such, being of the female species, this bracelet is far too big, but 5 notches later and its perfect - an awesome buy at an awesome price.

Would recommend RED5, delivery and products are first class.


Brillant - Review by James

The Sci-Fi Watch can be easily adjustable, the only bad thing is not very water proof.