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Product Description

If you are constantly getting great ideas late at night whilst drifting off to the land of nod, or simply remember all the things you should have done earlier that day, then the Scribble Alarm Clock is the perfect bedside accessory for you. This simple yet clever device will beautifully illuminate your notes/scribbles/drawings with a simple touch.

Maybe you want to remind yourself about the dreaded trip to the dentists in the morning or just leave a little love note for your partner, either way just use the included pen to create your masterpiece. Don’t worry if you get it wrong as it easily wipes clean with a dry cloth.

The Scribble Clock also features a backlit LCD scrolling pixel display showing time, temperature, year and date, countdown timer, calendar, birthday reminder, three different alarm melodies and the all-important snooze function.

The clock will only illuminate for 10 seconds after you’ve touched it so it won’t disturb you at night and because its powered by 3 x AAA you can literally plonk it anywhere without having to hide any wires.

Product Features

  • Write down your memos
  • Notes light up when alarm sounds
  • Backlit LCD pixel display
  • 3 alarm melodies
  • Snooze function
  • Scrolling display
  • Calendar
  • Countdown timer
  • Birthday reminder
  • Year and date
  • Temperature
  • Scribble pen included
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries
  • Measures approx. 13cm x 15cm x 8cm

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Good Gift! - Review by Connor

A fairly hard clock to set up that will need the instructions. But once set up it is a great alarm clock that lights up in the dark upon pressing and displays a message that you write on it.

Dissapointed - Review by Joe

I love the idea of it, I was really looking forward to using this as I'm a big fan of novelty items. I bought mine in Sheffield and when the 5V DC supply is plugged in or when the batteries are in, only the blue light turns on.

The clock I purchased does not function as a clock and that is the main purpose for its purchase for me.

I hope that its just something I'm doing wrong, there are no instructions anywhere and the buttons seem to do nothing

RED5 says: “Hi there Joe, sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your Scribble Clock. One of our team will be in touch shortly to help with this ”

Scribble clock - Review by Kirsty

Absolutely loved this little clock, I received it as a Christmas present found it easy to set up. Very bright and looks cool but unfortunately the pen after using once ran out, very disappointed!!!

RED5 says: “Hi there Kirsty, sorry to hear about the problem with your Scribble Clock. Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team at and they will be able to help you.”

Very quiet! - Review by Callum

Bought this in the store at Springfields. Loved the idea of the product, the message writing works amazing. But it is not an alarm clock for 2 reasons. Its so complicated to set up that anyone slightly less capable would have a very hard time doing so and also it is so ridiculously quiet the alarm does not wake me up at all and there is no way to increase the volume. Will have to try find a receipt and see if it is refundable.

Set-Up Instructions - Review by GAIUS

The idea is great and was demonstrated to me in the shop in Livingston by an enthusiastic young assistant. I also paid far less for it in-store!

However, on getting the clock home and following the instructions, it was a nightmare to set up and press the buttons on the underside. Sometimes the buttons jammed and you really have to use a pen to press/jab the buttons before they will function. I've managed to get the time and alarm set up, but have given up on the date and am not bothered about that, nor the temperature function - both pretty pointless features on an alarm clock.

I have yet to use it in the morning to wake me up, so I can't comment on that.

Sadly, far too many gadgets are getting into this country which are poorly made and the instructions are not thought out very well and the controls are too fiddly for their own good.

RED5 says: “Hi there Gaius, Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Scribble Clock. The buttons are usually very easy to press so unfortunately it sounds like there is an issue with yours :(. Our Customer Service team will be in contact shortly to get this sorted for you. ”