Secret Message Writing Kit

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Secret Message Writing Kit

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Product Description

If you want to be a secret agent or the next James Bond you are going to need the right equipment, and the Secret Message Writing Kit is ideal to stop information passing in to the wrong hands! The pens use UV responsive ink that can only been seen when under a blacklight. Handily the pen lid has just such a thing!

To use you simply write as you would with a normal pen. It’s a little bit trickier as you can’t see what you have written but you soon get the hang of it. Then when you need to reveal your message simply shine the UV light onto the paper, the writing becomes visible and your message is revealed as if by magic! Take away the UV backlight, and the writing disappears right before your eyes.

So if you need to transfer the location of your secret headquarters, or simply pass on a message in class without the fear of your teacher intercepting, the Secret Message Writing Kit is what you’ll need!

Product Features

  • Invisible ink keeps private subjects secret
  • UV backlight reveals hidden messages
  • Two pens with UV backlight hidden in caps
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 12cm 

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much better than I expected - Review by 007

Can't believe how well this works! You can even read the message in bright sunlight which I didn't expect.