Shakin Elvis Dashboard Dancer

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Shakin Elvis Dashboard Dancer

The king is back

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Product Description

78 years ago a king was born. Not just any king, the one and only Elvis Presley, and yes you guessed it, the king is back! Coming to a dash board near you, Elvis will shake, rattle and roll all the way to your destination.

This officially licensed signature product has got some serious dance moves, he doesn’t even need music to get his groove on! Just feeling the car moving underneath his heeled boots is enough to get him all shook up with his hips gyrating. Measuring in at around 14cm tall, Elvis is easily attached to your dashboard. Stick the sucker onto the windscreen and make sure that the foot with rod is resting on the dash so he doesn’t fall over. Dressed in his trademark white Las Vegas suit, Elvis brings bling and entertainment to your journey, whether that’s to Graceland or the Heartbreak Hotel.

Please ensure that this Shaking Elvis doll is hung so that it does not obstruct your view at any time. Do not pull on his arm or legs as this will damage Elvis, as well as kind of annoy him.

Product Features

  • Shaking dashboard dancer AKA Wackel Elvis
  • Officially licensed signature product
  • Celebrating Elvis’ 78th
  • Affix on windscreen with the sucker
  • Rod resting on dash acts as balancing aid
  • Dressed in trademark white Las Vegas suit
  • Hips gyrate in time with car movements
  • Appearing on a dash near you!
  • Measures approx. 14cm x 3cm

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