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Music should bring people together, but when you’re on a packed bus or tube, some people just don’t appreciate it when your commute play-list starts blaring out of your tinny phone speaker. If only there was some way to share your music with all of your friends, without raising the ire of your fellow commuters. Today, you are in luck.

The SharePhones are such a simple work of genius that you’ll be surprised that they don’t exist. Each set of headphones has two auxiliary-out sockets built-in to the cans, so you can effectively network your music around your entire social group. One set of headphones on their own is fine and dandy for sharing your music with two friends, but with everyone wearing a pair you can share with as many people as you like, creating your own silent disco without disturbing the people around you. There’s also an inbuilt microprocessor that boosts the audio signal from headphone to headphone, so there’s no worrying about a loss of sound quality if you’re the last listener on the daisy chain.

Perfect for when you’re out on the bus with your mates, mooching around the park in the summer or for those who love to party, but don’t want the noise police knocking at the door at 2am.

Product Features

  • Headphones that allow you to share your music with your friends.
  • Connect up to two standard sets of headphones.
  • Create a music network between unlimited sets of SharePhones.
  • Internal Microprocessor boosts audio signal for better quality between large groups of people.
  • NOTE: The Internal Microprocessor renders the following genres of music unplyabale: DubStep, Grime, Alt Folk, Alt Country and anything that can be classified as "World Music".
  • We're not joking - if you try and play ANY of the genres listed above, the microprocessor will administer random electric shocks until you amend your music selection.
  • WARNING: Networks of 10 or more people can cause the SharePhones to get uncomfortably warm.

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Got one each for me and my 2 besties. Now we can all singalong to one direction together sweet!

Party time on the 267! - Review by Ed

Me and my friends get the bus to school all the time, and we're constantly getting glared at when we play our music out loud on our phone speakers. Now the glaring has stopped, and we can have our own silent discos whenever we want!

Music to my ears... - Review by Tim

Now I can do the crossword in peace as the kids nod in unison to children's nursery rhymes that previously did my head in, of course they might just be listening to Metalica...