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Shocking Chewing Gum

Trick or treat

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Product Description

We’re told from an early age that it is nice to share, especially when sweets are concerned. However there are some people in this world that like to take rather than give! These people are all too happy to dip their hand into a bag of sweets before you’ve had a chance to offer them out (yes RED5 buying director, we are including you in this!).

What we need is something to make these tea leafs think twice, and that comes in the shape of the Shocking Chweing Gum. Styled on the packs of chewy we see in newsagents and supermarkets up and down the country, these practical jokes will give the recipient a nasty shock whenever they try to pull a stick from the pack! Simply offer to friends or (may be more appropriately) enemies, and watch the shock transfer from their hand to their face! Mwahahahaha!

Sadly, due to the way this product is supplied to us we can not offer a choice of colour.

Product Features

  • Practical joke that looks like a pack of chewing gum
  • Gives the recipient an electric shock!
  • Realistic looking designs

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excellent - Review by jack

The best toy ever, my son loves it and so do I. I got to shock all my friends and family, it was so funny! Ha-ha.(: