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Product Description

Trick your friends and family with this electric shocking pen! Next time someone asks you for a pen, there's hilarious fun to be had with this great gag. Click the top of the pen and watch as the shock hits their fingers! Comes supplied with 3 x AG3 batteries.

Please note: this product emits an electric charge and as such is not suitable for people with pacemakers or who suffer from epilepsy.

Product Features

  • Novelty pen that gives off a small electric shock when clicker is depressed
  • Cannot be used to write with
  • People always stealing your pens?
  • Leave this on your desk then!
  • An electric shock is one click away!
  • Pen measures approx. 15cm long


  • 1 x shocking pen
  • 3 x AG3 cell batteries

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not great battery - Review by rory

When I bought it I tried it on my sister and it was great but about 3 hours later the batteries ran out and I had to hunt down the right battery but still a good product 4/5.

Nice idea, in practice very low value - Review by Tim

Although this sounds cool and funny, in practice it has very very little shelf life - as soon as one person has used it they blab to other friends and then no one else will fall for it.

Also, the shock is quite sharp, so the person who is shocked doesn't find it funny.

In practice, if you did it to one person and had a large audience it might get a laugh, but its pretty much a one off.

If there were a trick to it so you could do something to "make it safe" and use it as a REAL pen, but then switch it to shock after others had seen you use it, then it would be 100x better. As is, not great sorry.

Great Pen! - Review by Josh

This pen is an amazing way to prank and fool your friends, for such a small price. Definitely worth the buy!

CameronoJenkins - Review by Camerono

Really awesome! Got it to fool my friends, totally worked. I would recommend this to any joker :)

Electric - Review by Steve

Got this pen for 3.99, such a laugh for a small price. I've got loads of people and still more to get.

Incredibly Strong Shock - Review by sian

Really great for the price, comes fully working. Very strong shock, really only for adults or older kids.

Best gag gift ever - Review by Ben

I got this for a secret Santa gift and it's become the best joke around the office great buy.

A present that will never be forgotten!!! - Review by Jessica

I gave the electric shock pen as a little gift and they loved it. It's had everyone laughing and it's definitely worth getting!! You will be amazed at how entertaining and hilarious it is!!

Such a great lol!!1 - Review by Oliver

This pen is actually one if the funest things i've owned. I got it from the Southampton store and instantly me and my friends couldn't stop pressing the button and laughing at each other as they got shocked. Its also a great prank gag! i played it on my mum and her reaction was hilarious! I would recommend this to many people!

Awsome - Review by elliott

I think that this prodct is awsome and that why 5 stars realy tricks your friends