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Happy feet! I've got those happy feet!

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The only time that we have the opportunity to wear interesting socks is when Gran buys us a nasty pair at Christmas, possibly covered in reindeers and snowflakes. But Christmas only comes around once a year; surely we can’t have fun feet just at Christmas? Definitely not. Fun socks are a year round thing and they just got even more amusing.

Silly Socks trick your friends into thinking you’re still wearing shoes, when really, you’ve just got some crazily cool socks on. Accomplish the classic socks and sandals look all the time, or give the impression you've donned your brand new sneakers. These bad boy socks come in one size fits all so don’t worry if you have massively huge feet or teeny lickle tootsies. Either way, we can guarantee that your feet will look awesome!

‘Hey nice shoes!’ ‘No, nice socks!!!'

Product Features

  • Novelty socks with silly designs
  • One size fits all

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Good but expensive - Review by Patrick

The socks themselves look and function pretty well - they do look like shoes rather than socks, it's funny, silly and a great gift.

However, I was a bit surprised by the £6.95 price tag - you do only get one pair of socks, and I'm not sure that one pair of socks is worth £7, as it is really just a normal pair of socks with a clever pattern...

I wore these with sandals and blew everyones mind - Review by Percy

They keep my feet warm and my friends amused.

Jesus will be Jealous - Review by Stuart

These are dead comfy and are ideal when you cant afford slippers.