Silverlit 3D Twister RC Car

Wickedawesome stunt car

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Gentleman start your engines, its racing (with extreme stunts thrown in) time! The 3D Twister may be small but it leaves many other RC cars in its dust. This turbo charged car is incredibly fast and is capable of speeds up to 23km/h.

When it isn’t tearing up the race track, you’ll find it jumping off ramps, flipping, spinning, and loop the looping! You don’t need to worry about it landing upside down as its dual sided, so you can continue driving as soon as you land. Not only that, the car actually knows which way up it is, so left and right are still left and right, even when its upside down! Clever eh?!

The remote control is a little bit special too as you get real time crash feedback from the car to the handset. Now when the car hits you wall you feel it too! This has proven to be one of the best RC cars we’ve ever had our hands on. Super quick, super tough and super fun, what more could you want from a mini RC racer?

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Product Features

  • Super quick RC car
  • Dual sided, allows you to drive on both sides
  • Reach speeds of 21 feet per second!
  • Perfect for performing dangerous stunts
  • Crash feedback through the remote control
  • Race up to 10 cars
  • 3 Styles available
  • Stunt jump included
  • 2 spare tyres included
  • Car measures approx. 12.1cm x 7.9cm x 3.2cm

Technical Specifications

  • 15-20 minutes charge time
  • 5-8 minutes drive time
  • Twister car uses a 3.7v rechargable battery (included)
  • Remote control requires 4 x AA


  • 1 x 3D Twister Car
  • 1 x remote control handset
  • 2 x spare tyres
  • 1 x stunt jump
  • 1 x instruction manual

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Charging Problems - Review by Matt Smithson

i got this for christmas from my uncle and aunt and i loved it but then all of a sudden it wouldnt charge i changed the batteries for the controler but it still didnt work. im going to take it back to red 5 in Leicester but my uncle and aunt dont have the reciept so how do i get the money back??

RED5 says: "Sadly without a receipt there's not a lot we can do unfortunately Matt but we may be able to sort out the charging issue with the helicopter you have currently."

3d twister - Review by Eli

its amazing i made a massive track for it and it goes really high it won't break and its got a great suspension

diretion problem - Review by wade

The car is great to play with but I have had one problem I was racing it around my lounge when it suddenly stopped at first I thaught it was the batters so I charged it up but when I put it back down on the floor it only went in reverse so I flipped it over then it only went forward I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and I am going to take it back to red5 in westfield derby to get a new one because this car is amazing.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Wade, our lovely staff in the Derby store will sort it out for you."

my mums gettin it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Review by Joey

for christmas im gunna get it n makin ramps for it is realy easy i luv it i was tryin it in the shop with that really nice man(as a compliment) i put it in that big transparent thing it really does defy gravity

Spinning Problem - Review by Ashleigh

this is great i bought 1 yesterday from red5 in meadowhall sheffield and i opened it and when i was playing with it i pressed the button to make it go forward at full speed and it just started spinning!? can you tell me if this is supposed to happen? and if it isnt can i get my money back to get a new 1?

RED5 says: "sorry to hear that Ashleigh - you are welcome to pop back to the store or you can always contact our customer service department."

Super Super Fast - Review by Martyn

This car is totally brilliant. The speed to size ratio is insane. I would recommend it to anyone, I play with mine every day :) it only takes 10 minutes to charge which is great.

So much fun! - Review by Suzy

I love this car, its so quick and durable. I launched it off the table with the ramp and it still works brilliantly. Fantastic product and well worth the money!

Super speedy and fun! - Review by Penny

The speed of this car is incredible and a lot of fun to get it to perform flips and stunts. Includes a small cardboard ramp to assemble which allows you to try out stunts initially but easy to creat bigger and better ones yourself. I love driving this around and works better on non-smooth surfaces due to grip =)