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Sometimes life can be so stressful that you feel like your head will explode! It's not always big problems that stress us out, it can often be the simplest things that tip us over the edge, like when the printer has a paper jam – God damn you printer! Damn you to helllllllll!!!!

The Skrunch is the key to letting those stresses and all that negative energy building up inside out, without taking a hammer to the printer. Made with thousands of ultra-fine silica crystals and double wrapped with extra durable latex, the Skrunch can really take a beating. Not only does this compact stress reliever take your worries away but it can also help with hand and finger aches and strains. Use it as a therapeutic workout for your hands or pulverise it every time your boss walks in the room – either way, the Skrunch is a great addition for the stresses of the workplace or home life.

Product Features

  • Compact stress reliever
  • Therapeutic hand workout
  • Packed with ultra-fine silica crystals
  • Double lined with latex
  • Extra durable
  • Measures approx. 9cm x 6cm x 6cm

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