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Product Description

There’s only so many broken vases your mother can deal with and it could be that the confinement of indoors is not for you. So maybe it’s best that you try your hand at our bigger outdoor helicopter, the V912 Sky Dancer.

After years and years of searching the RC helicopter world, we finally found one that we’d like to call a ‘true outdoor helicopter’. Of course with any helicopter nothing is stopping you taking it outdoors, however a problem always occurs whenever a slight breeze decides to blow you towards a mighty oak tree (it doesn’t usually end well). The V912 is well equipped to battle the outdoor elements, allowing you to skilfully navigate around the tree you once may have hit. Obviously, it won’t work well in hurricanes and blizzards so a little bit of pilots common sense is still needed.

The Sky Dancer is a four channel helicopter so we recommend that you have attempted to fly an RC helicopter previously, before playing with this bad boy. Having said that, it does feature aircraft grade aluminium making it handy for any rough landings. Four channel control allows for more planes of movement which include, up and down, left and right, forward and back plus banking (which gives a kind sideways movement).

The 2.4Ghz transmitter with an LCD display gives you extra range and the ability to fly more than one helicopter at once, allowing you to race against your friends without picking up their signals. A lithium rechargeable battery gives a longer flight time and as with any RED5 helicopter, we make sure that there are plenty of bits we can fix.

Please note: only charge via  the mains charger provided.

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Product Features

  • Four channel helicopter for advanced fliers
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Spare parts included
  • Measures approx. 41cm x 16cm x 8cm
  • Main rotor measures 39cm in diameter

Technical Specifications

  • 2.4Ghz transmitter with LCD display
  • 7.4v 850mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Flight time approx. 6 -8 minutes
  • Charge time approx. 60 - 90 minutes
  • Range of approx. 100-120m
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries


  • 1 x 2.4Ghz V912 Sky Dancer Outdoor Helicopter
  • 1 x 7.4V 850mAH lithium polymer battery
  • 1 x 2.4Ghz four channel transmitter with LCD display
  • 1 x Mains charger
  • 1 x Spare main blade set
  • 1 x Spare tail blade 
  • 1 x Manual

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an excellent bit of kit - Review by Adrian J

Could do with stronger mix arms & flexible push rods. Any spare mix arms are welcome. Otherwise a quality toy. Always have an experienced r..c helicopter pilot with knowledge of health & safety.

One word 'Awesome' - Review by Mike

I have had many helicopters.. of different sizes 3 and 4 channel over many years...
This one however - beats them all - very stable - can easily fly inside in a small space total control.. then take it outside for more fun and bigger moves. Thanks RED5 for a fantastic product.

Easily deserves more than 5 stars.

World class customer service - Review by jason

Hey Guy's just a heads up if your thinking of buying from RED5.

First of all if your thinking of getting the Sky Dancer V912, don't hesitate it's Awesome, one of the best 4ch by far.

Now my experience, after buying the V912 and about 3 months later it developed a fault, it lost power during flight and found the ground with a bump and a roll. I have 3 other heli's from RED5 so I know a little about fixing them but this one had me stumped, contacted RED5 customer service (Emma) and had the choice of sending it back or dropping it off at the head office in Hull, I decided to drop it off as it wasn't that far from me, Emma took a look at it and was as stumped as I was so put it down to 'just one of those things' she then offered me a brand new replacement that I could pick up or she could send to me. From the beginning of the fault to picking up my replacement, RED5 customer service team have been 5 star all the way. They really do stand by there products and go above and beyond to help. For how the V912 handles, other comments will tell you - for how good the customer service is - read no more.

Hope this Helps, enjoy your Flight :-)

Great first 4 channel Helicopter - Review by Max

After buying the mini quadcopter from RED5 that was an amazing little RC, I thought I would go for a 4 channel helicopter as the controls were the same.

After ordering it, it was with me the next day. Started setting the trim up in the office and within minutes I was out in the car park having my first flight. It was very windy so decided to go back in. It can deal with light wind easily though.

Can't wait to get it out on a big open space on grass!!

Again another 5 star product from RED5!!! Keep up the great work

Awesome machine - Review by Connor

Just picked this up from a local RED5 store and out of the box its a thrill to fly! It's taken a little time to fully set up the trim arms so that it hovers with no remote control input but aside from that it's built well, flies where ever you place it and creates a great sound ripping through the air!

Robust and a stable flyer - Review by Peter

I can fly RC planes but have never had a helicopter until my wife bought me this at Xmas. After a couple of very careful, low level, flights I gradually progressed to flying at head height and can now fly around my two car garage quite easily and almost hover at will - after four days and a dozen flights. Looking forward to calmer weather to progress to outdoor flying.
The larger size seems to make this copter more stable and less twitchy than I expected. I get about 6 minutes flying time from the battery and have ordered spare 1000mah batteries to give me more flying time.
Buy one you'll love it!

Good next step - Review by Tony

Top example of an affordable single rotor heli, takes a bit of time to trim out when outdoors(if you have an indoor space large enough do it there) very stable would recommend it to anyone!! Need more battery packs to extend my time out in the field as it is so much fun :-)

v920 - Review by george

First single rotor heli. First one had a faulty giro but got it exchanged by returning in the post. Love it!!!. Any low wind speeds and I drop everything and go flying.

Great! - Review by mICHael

This is the first single blade I managed to fly!
I broke several others at first try...

This one is also not a toy, and nothing for sombody who didn't learn about the physical basics about heli flying (ground effect etc.) and haven't yet managed to fly with a dual-blade and return it safely to the base.

But I can confirm: it's well and solid built, stable and good reacting, and I've never seen before such a remote control:

You can change from Mode 2 to Mode 1 with a mechanical sliding switch, an even change yaw and roll with a button (Mode 3 and Mode 4).

I lost mine yesterday when flying in the dawn, it got too small up in the air...

Just now I am ordering another one :)

Looks great flying really stable - Review by Neil

Had other 4 channel fixed pitch helis the same size and this one beats them all. Very stable, powerful motor, parts look stronger than the others I have. Would recommend to anyone for their first single blade fixed pitch helicopter. Good build quality too.