Sky Dancer Spares

Sky Dancer Spares

Helicopter first aid


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As continuous sellers and enthusiasts of remote control helicopters, we understand your pain and heartache when you have a little accident (and by that we don't mean peeing yourself!). Having a crash and breaking a tail rotor, or snapping your balance bar. Although the Sky Dancer is a robust machine, it cannot withstand repeatedly flying into walls, trees and any other hard surfaces.

Don’t worry, accidents will happen and this doesn’t mean you have to send your chopper to the helicopter grave yard just yet. We have the technology!  Here is our selection of extra bits and bobs for your Sky Dancers little mishaps. Even if you don’t need a spare battery, we think that’s it always a good idea to have one spare for longer flight times.

Select your spare part from the drop down menu and the picture and price will change accordingly.


Balance Bar:

  • 1 x Balance bar with top rotor assembly


  • 1 x Battery


  • 2 x Blades

Tail Rotor:

  • 1 x Tail rotor

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