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Slim Dual Power Bank 8000mAh

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Product Description

Mobiles phones get faster and more powerful every year but battery life has yet to see the same advancements. If you use your phone, tablet or USB powered device on the move, it’s more than likely you’ll need a power bank to keep you going.

The Slim Dual Power Bank strikes the perfect balance between price, portability and capacity – giving you everything you need to charge as you travel! With a super powerful 8000 mAh this power bank will be able to charge your devices several times over- with the dual USB outlet even letting you double up on your devices. Featuring a USB multi cable with iPhone 30 pin, Lightning and Micro USB connectors, this brushed metal beauty will keep you – and potentially all your friends- all juiced up!

The Slim Dual Power Bank is ideal for holidays, festival goers and campers, as not only does it provide the perfect travel companion for your gadgets, it also gives you a built in LED torch so you’ll never get lost in the dark either! Phew! 

Product Features

  • Recharge your devices on the go
  • Mega powerful 8000 mAh power bank
  • Comes with a 3 in 1 multi cable
  • Two USB ports to charge two devices at once
  • Slim and portable
  • Keeps you connected for longer
  • Ideal travel companion
  • Features a built in LED torch
  • Brushed metal casing

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