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Since mobile phones gained cameras, self-portraits are becoming more and more popular, yet it kind of ruins your picture when you can see an arm holding the camera (or when a mirror shot shows off your bathroom essentials). The other option of balancing your phone against a wall with the timer on, to have to run back, strike a pose, go back to your phone and realise you were out of the frame isn’t ideal either (and leaves you looking a little flustered).

Luckily, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a camera, you can now take pictures from up to 3 metres away without the use of a really big stick! The Snap Remote is the perfect accessory to use when taking ‘selfies’, group shots and even macro shots. Simply place your phone in the desired position, arrange your shot, pose and click! Download the free app from the App Store and it will automatically sync with any Snap Remote in range, then use the removable phone stand to prop up your phone. It's easy peasy to use and you can also use the small button on the remote to switch between front and rear facing camera.

Product Features

  • Now available on Android!
  • Remotely activate your devices camera
  • Switch from front to rear camera
  • Use with more than one device at a time
  • Take group shots, macro and self-portraits easily
  • Removable phone stand
  • Range approx. 3 metres
  • Compatible with iPhone 3, 4, 4s, 5 iPad 2, 3, mini and iPod touch
  • Requires 1 x CR2032 battery (included)
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 3cm x 2cm

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Awkward face on Selfies, thing of the past! - Review by Adam

So gadgets are everywhere at the moment, for absolutely everything.. it's not enough we have a camera on our mobile phones now.. no.. we need a remote control to USE that camera.. madness! or is it??

I'm actually all for the gadgets.. so here it is!!

What is it?

Did you not read the above? It's a remote control to take pictures on your smartphone without having to hold the phone. I.e. It eliminates the need to hold the camera at arms length and have that awkward smile on your face as you concentrate on keeping the thing still!

What I thought!

A very good idea, which also does exactly as it says on the box. There are two buttons, one to change from front to rear cameras, and one to take the photo.

This works on wireless technology which picks up your phone automatically. Compatible with the iPhone 3,4,5, iPad and Android smartphones. Pretty clever really.. you take out the plastic tab which obstructs the battery (YES I hear you cry! No need to charge via USB! VERY tedious!!), after downloading the app "Snap remote" the remote will link automatically. Once you have opened up the app, you can get started taking your remote pictures.

As above in the picture, you get the main remote, which comes apart to be used as a remote and a stand for your phone, and the manual; which is concealed behind the piece of background card in the box, and VERY easy to understand.

The app has basic functions: Flash, Timer (2 &10 secs), Grid lines, Camera Switch, Preview picture, Take picture and Facebook Link (I like this one). Unfortunately you can't control videos or use the feature for different lenses which is a shame.

The only annoying thing about the remote itself is that when you either change the camera you are using or when you take a picture, the remote emits an ear piercing "bleep" which reminds me of a dog whistle! So keep it in your pocket when in use, otherwise the hounds will be after you!

The Verdict!

Basically, a brilliant gadget, and as a family man, I have ALOT of need for this, there's so many times I'd love to take family shots which are just too difficult for the usual selfies!