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OMG! Deez R QL!

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Product Description

Do you like to set trends, to be at the forefront of fashion? Are you young, cool, and street? If so, you are just like us then (!) and you’re going to love the new Snapz Text Bands. Brightly coloured they’ll help you stand out from the crowd, and they each come with a modern day abbreviation that anyone over a certain age just won’t understand! The Snapz literally snap in to place thanks to their distinctive action, so you can attach them to your wrists, ankles, bags, etc.

Whereas some might feel that text speak is wrecking the English language, we like to look at it as a result of technology integrating into our lives. Love it or hate it, text speak is everywhere. Its objective is simple: to use the least amount of characters to convey a message or emotion.

Product Features

  • Fun Snap band
  • 'WTF' print
  • Embrace the text speak
  • Will fit most wrists

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