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Snore Stopper

Stops snoring instantly

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Product Description

There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep when you know you have to be up in the next few hours. Especially when you could get to sleep if it wasn’t for that fat oaf next to you snoring the house down. You could try those silly straps to put over your nose, maybe attach a load of tennis balls to your back. Or you could buy something that will actually work, for both you and your snorer!

The Snorestopper is a small boxing glove attached to a wooden handle, perfect for the long distance punches. No more nights of tossing and turning in bed hopelessly trying to count sheep.

When a sly dig in the ribs won’t suffice, a Snorestopper in the face is twice as nice. 

Product Features

  • Small boxing glove on a wooden handle to beat the snores out of your partner
  • Measures approx. 35cm x 12cm x 9cm


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hilarious - Review by Gemma

This works so much better if you don't restrict it to just snoring!! Say no more ...

No more snoring - Review by Eileen

My husband is scared to snore.I keep this under the bed !
Excellent fast delivery.Great Service
Thank You RED5

my face hurts - Review by maddie

i bought this to use on my boyfriend, but unfortunataly it seems i have an even worse snoring problem than he does, countless times have i woken up with a boxing glove in my face :( it looks nice though and is well made, my face can vouch for that!!!