Snowman Hand Warmers

Hottest snowmen around

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Product Description

Who knew that grasping a snowman could ever warm you up? Thanks to these toasty fellas, we can carry pouches of heat through the coldest winter days.

These reusable hand warmers are an easy way to keep some heat stashed in your pockets and to stop your extremities from freezing over. Inside the snowman’s tummy is a small metal disk that when snapped, will make a chemical reaction run through his body and turn him into the hottest snowman around! The heat will last for around half an hour, perfect for school runs or walking the dog and once they have frozen over, they can be used again and again by placing in boiling water.

Product Features

  • Reusable hand warmers
  • Activate by clicking metal disk
  • Stay heated for approx. half an hour
  • Place in boiling water to reuse
  • Up to 55 degrees
  • 2 x Snowmen hand warmers
  • Snowmen measure approx. 16cm x 13cm x 2cm

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