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Sonic Booma

Whistling boomerang

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Product Description

Everything is better with fun sound effects and we believe that Boomerang should be blessed with sounds as well. Luckily, the Sonic Booma is the only Boomerang that whistles as it flies through the skies. Suitable for ages 8 and above, this boomerang is fun for all the family. Designed for a guaranteed return flight and made from flexible polymer, you can fine tune your flight settings. With a 15-20 metre range, kids and adults everywhere can spend hours of fun with the unique whistling Sonic Booma.

Product Features

  • Whistling boomerang
  • Guaranteed return flight
  • Easy to throw and catch
  • Can be tuned for different flights
  • Made from polymer
  • Whistles loudly in flight
  • Flight range 15-20 metres
  • Measures approx. 29cm x 26cm x 1cm

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Sonic Booma Bonanza! - Review by Harry

Your kids will be chasin', your dog'll be barkin', it'll be screamin', and you'll be catchin'! EVERY SINGLE TIME! It doesn't float but it sure is water proof and is extremely durable. For the fairly cheap price this would be great as a small present or amazing in pass-the-parcel! Thus making Sonic Booma a Must-Buy!