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Special FX Fangs

You decide when the fangs appear

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Product Description

Ve vant to show you ze coolest product that fits in your mouth, ever (but we'll lose the stupid accent to tell you about it). Up until now either the whistle or the kazoo could only be considered with such an accolade, but not anymore. Vampires have had a pretty cool PR boost lately and seem to be featured in just about every drama on tv (maybe with the exception of Coronation Street - we're not quite ready for the nocturnal immortal to roam the streets of Weatherfield just yet!).

Pretty much all of us have donned plastic fangs at Halloween but we bet you haven't seen anything quite like these. For the first time ever you can now control when the fangs are shown! Not only that but you custom fit them to your mouth to make them as comfortable as possible. Here's how:

- Take your Special FX Fangs and drop them into a glass of hot water for a few minutes in order to soften the Dental Putty that is in the 2 tooth wells.
- Carefully remove the Fangs from the water and insert them into your mouth with the tooth wells (and the softened dental putty) facing UPWARDS.
- Gently bite down and position the tooth wells onto your back molar and hold in place for few seconds while the Dental Putty hardens and forms a perfect fit to your teeth.
- Remove the Fangs from your mouth and place them under cold running water to harden the Dental Putty. You now have a pair of custom fit Special FX Fangs.
- Put the Fangs back into your mouth and attach them to your back molars. Now, using your tongue, move the Tongue Bar to RAISE & LOWER the fangs at your will! It's that easy!

Product Features

  • Custom fit to your mouth
  • Vampire fangs that you control
  • Show or retract with ease
  • Mould the fangs for the perfect fit
  • Fangs measure approx. 6cm (w) x 1.5cm (h) when closed

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Vampires suck! - Review by Dave Whaley

These are really cool, I bought some for Halloween last year. I was expecting them to be a little shoddy as they're only cheap, but they're excellent.
They fit comfortably and are great value for money.
Ideal for all you Vampire wannabes out there.