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A knife, fork & spoon in one

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Product Description

Cutlery has been around for ages (300,000 years to be precise) and has pretty much remained the same for all this time. A fork, a spoon, and a knife is all we have needed….until now that is. The Sporknife ingeniously combines all three into one handy utensil making it perfect for camping and eating al fresco.

Featuring a quick release clip, you can attach the Sporknife to your bags, belts or keyrings for easily accessible cutlery on the go. A slightly serrated edge acts as a knife whilst the head can either be used as a spoon or a fork. When not in use the Sporknife folds in half making it compact enough to fit into the smallest of pockets.

Product Features

  • A spoon, fork and knife in one
  • Locks for comfortable sturdy use
  • Stainless steel
  • Quick frelease clip
  • Great for camping, scouts and travel 

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Great - Review by Victoria

This is so cool! It's great for camping so I don't have to take lots of cutlery etc. It's very handy and easy to use! Great buy. Don't regret it one bit!