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Product Description

If you're mashed after a hard day at work, imagine settling down to watch your favourite film. The lights are dimmed, your snack and drink are to hand and blankets at the ready, but disaster strikes as you realise the remote control is nowhere to be seen… 

Thankfully our favourite sofa buddy, Spuddy has had an iconic makeover and your remote control lies safely in the hands of the new superhero and villain spuddies. With a choice of six apeeling characters to choose from, your controls, snacks and beer will forever be in safe keeping. He’s so helpful you can even keep your hands nice and toasty in the special warming pockets, as well as 3 handy pouches to keep everything in one place. Of course there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, your Spuddy buddy is as comfy as he’s always been, doubling up as a cushion as well as a super convenient place to store your stuff. 

Product Features

  • Six famous comic book characters
  • Everyone’s favourite couch companion
  • A choice of superhero or devious villain
  • Comes with 3 handy pouches
  • Holds your drink, sweets and remote
  • Doubles up as comfy cushion
  • Handy hand warmer
  • Measures approximately 30 x 25 x 11 cm

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