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Spy Shades

Standard spy wear

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The exciting lifestyle of a secret agent is something many have dreamed of. Jetting off to different countries, fast cars, beautiful women (or men depending on your preference) and a whole shed load of gadgets and gizmos; after all you can’t be a secret agent without a limitless amount of cool tools!

To succeed at being the best ‘00’ you’ll need to have eyes in the back of your head, and without some kind of weird surgery that’s just not possible (unless you are a mum or a dinner lady, they seem to be able to see everything!). So that’s where the Spy Shades come in! Inside each lens is a special kind of reflective surface to mirror everything from behind, saving you from the inevitable ambush by the baddies! The Spy Shades are also great for seeing what your classmates or work colleagues get up to behind your back, or for checking out the hottie at the back of the bus! ;)

Product Features

  • Stylish Spy shades
  • Reflective surface shows you the world from behind
  • Look just like normal sunglasses
  • UV filtered lenses
  • Measures approx. 15cm x 15cm

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spy shades - Review by Sadry

I think these are really amazing! Good job on that and i think the price is also relevant so well done!

this present rocks - Review by declan

I got these for Christmas and I wear them all the time when I go out and I tell you now your teenagers would love them.

spy shades "Awesome" - Review by Kurshed

I bought these because I think they are really cool and that it has a really funky design, especially for when I am going out with my friends, it really does make them think that they're not only cool but they're good for style and will go with whatever you wear, thank you ;).

If you read this, I'll have to kill you... - Review by James

I bought these because I definitely, definitely am a real spy (I'm definitely not making this up, honest), and of course, because I've told you this, I'll now have to kill you etc.
And because I'm going to have to kill you now, anyway, I may as well unreservedly explain what a great, fun product these glasses are.
They're robust, sturdy and make you look well cool.
Like it says in the description, they allow you to see behind you because of the special coating, without the need for weird eye surgery.They're also really useful in my line of work (because, like I said, I definitely am a spy, and not some randomer sitting at their keyboard, claiming to be a spy)...