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Spy Hawk Video Glasses

Get out of my way bird!

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Product Description

When we first saw the Spy Hawk FPV Plane we thought that it couldn't be improved upon. Well guess what, it just has been! The Spy Hawk Video Glasses propel it to another level by allowing you to get an exhilarating bird’s eye view of your surroundings!  Now you can soar above buildings and treetops all thanks to the live video feed from the Spy Hawk plane. Simply connect the glasses to the remote and up you go.

When in action, the glasses will display a virtual 72” screen in front of you and it will look like it’s a couple of meters away. This is all thanks to the hi-tech FLCOS micro displays and their 300x224 resolution.

So if you want to experience RC flying like never before (and don’t suffer from vertigo!) then the Spy Hawk Video Glasses are the ultimate accessory! 

Product Features

  • Get a birds eye view from the Spy Hawk Plane
  • Connects to the Spy Hawk remote control
  • Experience RC flying like never before
  • Comfortable video glassses project a virtual 72" screen

Technical Specifications

  • Video Resolution: 300×224
  • Display: FLCOS micro displays
  • Chromaticity: 256
  • Life span: 50,000 hours

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I WANNA THAT GADGET!!!!! - Review by Warhammer

My cousin got this gadget as a gift so he tried it out. The first try it crashed, the second try it crashed too, but the third try he managed and he put the glasses on and....... IT WAS SO COOOL!!!!! It seems as if you fly like an eagle. I WANT THAT GADGET TOO!!!!!!!!

This Is 4 Tech-Geeks - Review by StupidSplodgeLive

The Spy Hawk Video Goggles are probably the coolest eye wear I've ever put on, as they're super stylish, they match the plane, and they make me look like I'm from the year 3000! These are a must buy for anyone without a tight budget.