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Star Map

Glow in the dark constellations

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Product Description

The stars in the sky really are a beautiful thing and it’s such a shame to see them fade away as a new day starts. If your fascination with constellations is too strong to be able to hold off til night fall then you may want to invest in something as stunning as this.

This unique wall art shows a map of the night sky on high quality paper with a beautiful matt finish contrasting with spot laminated design features.  Each zodiac sign is highlighted and the typical attributes of each star are described for you. When the sun finally sets and darkness takes over, the stars begin to glow brightly with non-toxic glow in the dark ink. Great either day or night, this poster is ideal for any friends interested in astrology.

Twinkle twinkle lttle star, how we used to wonder what you are! Now we know exactly, all thanks to the glow in the dark Star Map!

Product Features

  • Wonderful wall art
  • Detailed map of constellations
  • High quality paper
  • Matt finish with spot laminated design features
  • Great day or night
  • Zodiac signs highlighted
  • Stars typical attributes described
  • Packaged in sturdy natural card tube
  • Measures approx. 60cm x 42cm

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