Star Wars Kylo Ren Bathrobe

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We can’t help but think there’s something about Kylo Ren’s outfit that was destined for dressing-gown-ness. In fact, we think when Kylo was looking through his wardrobe in the morning he was probably thinking about snuggly comfort as well as dark side coolness. And we can’t blame him really, as carrying around that broadsaber and all those daddy issues all the time is no easy feat.

So delve into the dark side and feel the power of the darkness embrace you with this super-cool officially licensed Kylo Ren Bathrobe. Dressed all in black with a flash of red so fierce it would make Boba Fett jealous, this snuggly dressing gown features a First Order emblem on the chest, and a not so subtle but completely awesome embroidered Kylo portrait on the back.

So on those really long days when you’ve been beaten by a girl who’s never picked up a lightsaber before or you’ve simply spent too much time stroking your Darth Vader poster, then get yourself snuggled down with a hot chocolate and this awesome Bathrobe.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed Kylo Ren dressing gown
  • Come over to the dark side
  • Soft back robe with red lining
  • Features First Order and Kylo Ren embroidery
  • With two generous front pockets and removable sash
  • One size fits most adults
  • Made from 100% snuggly polyester

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