Star Wars Kylo Ren Heat Change Mug EP7

Once, twice, three times a lightsaber

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So Darth Vader was last seen burning on a pile of wood on Endor and even though he’s not a stranger to getting severely burnt this time he’s ….<spoiler alert>…… dead. His last act was an act of kindness* throwing the evil emperor down a big hole on the Death Star. <spoiler alert no.2> He’s also dead.

So it’s long live every one happily ever after in the world of Star Wars, right? Well no actually. Some guy named Kylo Ren with a fancy lightsaber is taking up the position of bad guy numero uno. We don’t really know much other that he is top dog in the First Order movement and that he has a very cool mask. We assume he has all the tricks Mr Vader and wrinkly Palpatine had, including lightning from the fingers and choking people over vast distances, but time will tell if he has some other party tricks under his cloak.

This super cool heat changing mug will light up Kylo Rens tri-saber whenever a hot liquid is poured into it without the use of any Sith tricks.

*one act of kindness doesn’t necessarily make up for slaughtering innocent young Padawan’s and blowing up a whole planet. #JustSaying

Product Features

  • Officially licensed Star Wars mug
  • Heat changing forces built in
  • Add hot water to activate the lightsaber

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