Star Wars Light Saber Pen

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Star Wars Light Saber Pens

Do battle with your workload

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Product Description

After years of the Star Wars franchise first hitting the silver screens, we are still without light sabers in our lives. Not only are they incredibly powerful weapons but they are definitely the coolest weapons we have ever seen. Capable of cutting through just about anything, the light sabers are something we need in our lives.

Unfortunately, we are not super scientists and we don’t know how to make light sabers but we do have a useful alternative for you. The officially licensed Star Wars Light Saber Pens are probably the closet we will get to the real deal. These aren’t going to cut through anything but they may just allow you to feel the force of your writing techniques. Battle your workload and slice through that paperwork with your own Vader and Yoda light sabers. Creating your own light saber sound effects is not necessary but we would definitely recommend it.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed light saber pens
  • Styled on Yoda’s and Darth Vader’s light sabers
  • Black ink
  • Measures approx. 15cm x 2cm

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