Star Wars Vinyl Stickers

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Star Wars Vinyl Stickers

Stick it to the Empire

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Product Description

Star Wars up any gadget with these cool themed vinyl stickers. This set includes 17 differently themed stickers from both sides of the force, Yoda, Darth Vader, TIE fighters and X-Wings are all included as well as the super space station itself the Death Star. These are a great gift for any Star Wars fan and with the stickers being waterproof and removable you can use them again and again. Great for use with Laptops, tablets or mobile phones this is one product that you can’t say boo to a ghost of Obi-Wan too. 

Product Features

  • Officially licenced product
  • 17 Different themed Star Wars Stickers of varying sizes
  • All stickers waterproof and removable       
  • Perfect for tablets, laptops and mobile phones

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Looks good - Review by Connor

I was bought this item for Christmas last year. It looks great on my computer and are the perfect size for it. However they can sometimes create bubbles of air, can be pushed out fairly easily. The stickers are very easy to remove and do not leave any marks.