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Being a secret agent is considered a dream job for most people. Travelling to exotic destinations, meeting beautiful people, and frequenting fancy mansion houses looking for secret rooms behind bookcases, is just a normal days work for a 00 agent. So if this is your 9 to 5 don’t forget the few key items that every spy needs: flashy sports car full of the latest gadgets, auto firing grapple device, a concealed weapon or two, and of course, a few counterfeit passports for when you need to make a quick escape!

Although we don't condone illegal travel at RED5, we like to help out our guys at MI5. This multipack of passports can get you out of any tricky situation. Stuck in a Cuban cigar crisis? No problem. Being chased by Russian rebels? No biggy.

Ok, so they’re not really passports, they’re notepads. But a good spy would be able to bluff their way through customs. With 30 double sided pages, a doodle of a stick man and a few of your favourite stamps should get you your ticket outta here!

So the next time you are on the run from the feds, pack up all your 'passports' and get to the safe house as quick as you can. 

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