Superman Bookends

Banish wonky books to the Phantom Zone

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It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, whether it’s Metropolis or Doncaster, messy bookshelves are a big no no. You could say an untidy shelf would be our Kryptonite, horrible to look at, distressingly difficult to reorganise and enough to initiate a nervous twitch.

That’s why here at RED5 we have decided to banish wonky books to the Phantom Zone for good with the help of our favourite Superhero, Superman! These two hand painted men of steel, or more technically speaking, men of ceramic, are ready to keep your books in tip top shape at all times. Making sure that your fortress of solitude is always looking neat and tidy, which is especially helpful for when you are bringing your Lois Lane around for tea. 

Product Features

  • Officially licensed Superman Bookends
  • Hand painted superman
  • Made from solid ceramic
  • Keep your books in line
  • Packaged in retro comic print box
  • Each measures approx. 18cm x 12cm x 11cm

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