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Superman Logo Mug

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Product Description

The shy, polite boy from Smallville, Kansas is one of the 20th Century’s biggest icons, because with this roving reporter working for The Daily Planet, all is not quite what it seems.

Clark Kent transformed into the superhero we all know and love after arriving on Earth as the sole survivor from the planet Krypton. He used his powers covertly at first, but let’s face it there’s only so long you can go on saving lives and flying through the air wearing a cape without getting spotted! Ever popular, the Man of Steel has just about every super power imaginable, so it’s little wonder that we all have a hankering to be a little bit super too. Spread the love Superman!

Whatever your superpower, this awesome Superman Logo Mug is as iconic as the superhero himself. Giving you 350ml of the super liquid of your choice, you’re bound to be supercharged to go about your day. So if you’re an office superhero creating miracles wherever you go or a natural wonder at home this official logo mug is the ideal accessory to show off your powers!

Product Features

  • Awesome Superman logo mug
  • Features the iconic Superman symbol
  • Comes in a comic strip presentation box
  • Show off your superhuman status
  • The coolest mug you’ll ever need
  • Has a 350ml capacity

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