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Product Description

Are you the one that has to make the brews more than most at work or at home?  Is it a thankless task you wish you could do without? Well revenge is at hand with the hilarious (and slightly mean) I’m A T**T Mug!

This white porcelain mug looks just like every other innocent white mug, but underneath lies an incriminating slogan that is set to have onlookers in fits of laughter. All you have to decide is who is the most deserving?!

Product Features

  • Porcelain mug
  • Hidden message underneath the mug
  • Who's the t**t in your office?
  • Great practical joke!
  • Measures approx. 12cm x 9.5cm x 8cm

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Prepare for witty banter! - Review by James

I purchased this as a present for my boss at work (it's okay - we get on pretty well, so he didn't sack me, or anything).
Initially, he didn't realise that there was anything written on the bottom, and everyone around the office had a good old laugh about it - he looked like a bit of a mug (pardon the pun!).
THEN, he nearly took it into a meeting with the Director of the company (uh-oh!), so I had to "accidentally" smash it.
I bought him another, to replace it, and this time, I explained that there was a witty message on the bottom.
He now realises why everyone was laughing at him, whenever he had coffee.
I'm just waiting for him to get his own back.
Nowhere is safe for me, now.

Cracking Gift - Review by Simon

Bought this as a secret Santa present for one of the guys at work and he loved it! The whole office laugh every time he takes a drink. The best part was when one of the older ladies in accounts used it by accident thinking it was a plain white mug...ooooh she got a shock!

NICE! - Review by Charlie

Made us all chuckle when my father opened it! Smart idea and a good modification to a rather dull object...!