Sylvester Bird Box

A bird in the mouth is worth two in the bush

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Natural selection has got us all a long way, from swimming around in the primordial soup to drinking something similar from the microwave.

The same can’t be said for birds though, who will still (despite all the evidence that says they shouldn’t) willingly fly into the jaws of death. If they make that mistake with our cat faced Bird Box, instead of death - all they will find is a warm safe nesting box.

Provide a safe and snug place for birds to roost and nest in this adorable kitty cat designed bird box. It's made from durable marine quality plywood with really good insulation properties, making this home warm in winter and cool in summer. Designed with the correct dimensions and ventilation that birds need, Sylvester is a perfect nesting box for Blue tits, Coal tits, Marsh tits, Great tits, Nuthatches, House sparrows, Tree sparrows and many others. In the winter birds will be grateful of the sheltered roosting site during the bad weather.

Fix to a tree or wall. The height above ground is not critical so long as the box is clear of inquisitive humans and prowling cats. It is best to mount a box facing somewhere between south-east and north, to avoid strong direct sunlight and the heaviest rain.

Annual cleaning of nestboxes
After the end of each breeding season, all nestboxes should be taken down and the old nesting materials removed, the box should be scalded with boiling water to kill any parasites. This process is best carried out in October or November when the breeding season is over.

Product Features

  • Wooden bird box
  • Cat face design
  • Dimensions built around bird's needs
  • Made from durable marine quality plywood
  • Great insulation properties
  • Easy to fix onto trees or walls
  • Removable back panel
  • Weatherproof
  • Measures approx. 15cm x 18cm x 14cm

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