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Syma S107 Gyro RC Helicopter

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Product Description

The new generation of RC helicopters is here! Unlike previous models of helicopter, the Syma Metal Series 107 has a built in gyroscope that makes it far more manoeuvrable than any model we have ever flown before. The internal solid state gyroscope enables a whole new level of directional control, which means that the helicopter always maintains a fixed heading. Gone are the days of out-of-control spinning! This easy to control direction in flight means that the Syma 107 flies exactly where you point it, unlike some of the older models.

The world of indoor helicopters has really taken a leap forward in the past few years from 2-channel to 3-channel. This means that you now have control over the height, speed and direction, over 3 different axis of control. Charging from either the remote control handset or via USB connection, this is a versatile little aircraft that is really great fun to fly.

This little helicopter has a sturdy metal casing that protects the motor and gearing in case of crashes or 'overconfidence' as we like to call it here at the RED5 offices! Never fear though, we stock spare parts in case your helicopter comes off worse in a battle with the wall!

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Product Features

  • Excellent hovering control
  • 2 frequencies available
  • Built in gyroscope stabiliser
  • Flexible blades
  • Spare parts available
  • Easy to fly 3-directional control
  • Gyroscope gives super stable indoor flight
  • Charges from either USB or handset
  • Measures 18cm (l) x 4cm (w) x 10cm (h)
  • Main rotor measures 19cm in diameter

Technical Specifications

  • Charges in 40-50 minutes via USB or handset to give 6-8 minutes of flight time (approx.)
  • 3.7 Li-poly rechargable battery (helicopter)
  • Range of up to 30ft
  • Infra-red transmitter
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries


  • 1 x Syma remote control helicopter
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x USB lead

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WOW - Review by Andre

Hi there. I got this little chopper for Xmas and have had enjoyable times with it so far. The other day I had a bit of an accident from the top the stairs when it came crashing down. Now when trying to take-off it lifts about 10" and then just goes out of control. Could you please advise what the problem could be. Many thanks.

RED5 says: "Hi Andre, sounds like it might be an issue with the top rotor assembly (this is usually the part that makes a helicopter a little crazy in the air after a crash). If you email customer services then I'm sure we can get the part for you."

DONT ARGUE BUY THIS - Review by jason

Even if you have 3 helis already buy this one as well. First try in store landed on till from 10ft without blinking. Best 3 channel Ive flown to date and i prefer this to the 4 channel I have. Loads of fun, zippy and flys right out of box. Land on table, spin it, shoot off somewhere else backwards or forwards. Am in so much trouble from wife as bought two but worth it. I am too old to be doing this stuff and still am. This heli = big grin ! Job done.

So good I bought another one - Review by Adam

Fantastic helicopter, the best I've ever flown, so majestically stable and easy to fly. Got a yellow one and soon after had to help myself to a red one too. Wish you guys sold the blue variant too so I could complete the set but that's ok.

Question; do you guys stock spare tail parts (the fin etc)?

RED5 says: "We're so pleased you love your 107 heli :D We have available a variety of spares but they aren't currently online to purchase. Please contact customer services and we'll get you sorted out!"

AMAZING - Review by Brandon

This is such an amazing product, i bought 2 straight after i bought my first one! Who ever invented Gyro tech in an RC Helicopter as good as this one is a total genius =]

great - Review by Chris

great but just a few things not like it takes 40-50 mins to fully charge for 8-10 mins flying and fair enough its built well but i crashed it earlier and its making a grinding noise in the gears and blades area help please apart from that its an awesome toy thats really stable and easy to fly

RED5 says: "You are welcome to send the helicopter to us (just email customer services) or take your helicopter into one of our stores so we can take a look at it for you. We might be able to help! :)"


My S107, was purchased ove a year ago.
What looks like a really delicate aircraft, is surpringly robust.
It has been mainly used as an educational unit, youngsters intro to model aircraft and etc.
It has been handled and sort of flown? by quite a number of youngsters, it has crashed into just about everything imaginable, walls, tables, roof trusses and etc etc.
Looking a bit battered at the moment, a number of repairs, have and are keeping her airborne.
Great support from RED5
Soon maybe time to look for replacement/s
But, she is still flying and I'd recommend this little fella for an introduction, before moving on up in scale and performance.

Great, but few parts! - Review by David

Great little helicopter, very easy to fly. But cant find parts or replacement blades, so when you crash it you cant fix it!

RED5 says: "If you ever need any spare parts, just email or ring our customer services and they'll get you sorted out :)"/a>

Okay - Review by Stephen

Good when working however instruction poorly written and can't get parts?

RED5 says: "If you need any parts Stephen, just email us and we'll see what we can do for you :)"

So easy, great quality - Review by Gordon

This heli is so easy to fly. I've never had any rc toys and my little man loved watching them fly in the shop. so I got 1 for him to watch(fly when he's older). the staff make them look so easy to fly and were great in advising which product would best suit environment to be flown. chraged it up, switched on and at first it seems so quick to rise but throttle is very responsive and easy to control. if you are looking for an easy to fly great quality heli look no further.

Awesome toy - Review by Dave Bottomley

This is an excellent toy for messing round in your own living room. The only down side is the waiting for the battery to charge. Shame there isnt a detachable battery so you can have 2 on the go.

best toy I've ever had! - Review by Christopher Gillespie

brilliant toy really easy to get the hang of

Excellent product - Review by Kevin Gowing

The S107 is easy to fly, well built and sturdy.

I did have a minor problem when the USB charging cable stopped working.

However, one simple call to the Red5 customer service line and a replacement cable arrived in the post the following morning.

As I said - Excellent product, excellent service, excellent company.

Brilliant! - Review by Gierthana Surendran

Bought this for my boyfriend as a X-mas presant and he absolutely luvs it. He is been flying it almost everyday, I would say that he is addicted to it. It is easy to fly with a bit of practise and it is well build and so doesn't damage easliy. But I do wish that it doesn't need to be recharged so often. Nevertheless, I think it's a great product and for such a small helo, it brings so much fun along with it.

Excellent! - Review by Raymond Hart

Ordered online, arrived the following day. Works just as advertised and can be flown around the room and spot landed with ease. Even flies backwards under full control. This is incredible value and would recommend it to anyone with even the vaguest interest in aviation.

Perfect gift for all ages! - Review by Franki Mills

I brought one, then my partner wanted one...And then my 14 year old brother wanted one. You can see where this is going really right?!? This is an awesome product! It is so easy to get the hang of and soooo much fun. Everyone I know who has had a go went and got one. Truely is a great gift for all ages.