T 4 2 Headphone Splitter & Stylus

Two headphones. One device.

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Mobile phones have a lot to answer for! Yes we'd all be lost without them, and ok we've almost come to terms with annoying ringtones; but, why do they insist on having speakers?! You can't get on a bus or a train now without seeing a group of kids all huddled around someone's phone, listening to music that can only be described as 'tinny' at best!

The T 4 2 Headphone Splitter allows you to plug two sets of earphones into one phone or MP3 player so that two people can listen to the same music, without bothering anyone else! Now that's music to our ears! Plus, a handy rubberised tip stylus covers and protects your 3.5mm jack from getting dirty while keeping your screen sparkling clean.

Please note: colours may vary. 

Product Features

  • Earphone splitter
  • Compatible with all MP3 players and smartphones
  • Uses standard 3.5mm jack
  • Rubberised tip stylus
  • Key ring attachment
  • Measures approx. 5cm x 4cm x 1cm

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