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T2 Head

Hasta la vista. Baby!

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28 years ago there was a film. A film that encouraged people to be scared and untrusting towards computers! It propelled the career of a certain guy named Arnie and was the start of an epic  film franchise. The film of course was The Terminator!

RED5 have nipped down to the Cyberdine  factory and ‘borrowed’ some T800 skulls as we can’t think of anything more awesome (or menacing) than seeing this endoskeleton skull hanging from your walls. With a flick of the switch it comes alive with its signature red glowing eyes. This cool resin replica has been given a chrome finish and of course the obvious wear and tear you have to bear with being a robot from the future hell-bent on eradicating mankind . With a lovely set of 24 nashers, and intricate detailing all around his shiny skull it’s a great collector’s item and is definitely movie quality.

This has to be the best gift to give to any die hard Terminator fan,….well second best to Schwarzenegger popping round for tea of course.

Product Features

  •  Detailed replica of T2 T800 skull
  • Made from Resin with a chrome finish
  • Bright red eyes flash on with flick switch
  • Wall mounted hook
  • Great gift for Terminator fans
  • Measures approx. 23cm

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Just Awesome!! - Review by john

If you are a fan of Terminator then this is for you! Great detail and just looks brilliant.

It would be good if there was an option to have the eyes permanently on (they only flash) but still, it is cool!

I was also hoping it was a full skull like the storage box version, but it is concave at the back, although this is to allow it to hang on the wall so fair enough!