T2 Skull Box

It needs your coins, your keys and your paper clips

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To avoid a nuclear holocaust there is only one man, nay, one machine that can save all of humanity. This machine goes by the name of The Terminator, which couldn’t sound more menacing if it tried.

The T-800s have returned from the future, reprogrammed to protect your belongings from the hands of pesky thieves and nosy parkers.

Crafted from distressed metal with a chrome finish, only the bravest of robbers will try to compete with him. Remove the top half of the skull to reveal a surprisingly spacious room perfect for all those odd bits knocking about the house. Replace the skull and the set of three strong magnets will securely hold the parts together in case of knocks and bumps. Complete with scary red eyes and amazing detail it's a must have for any Terminator fans!

Product Features

  • Detailed T2 replica skull box
  • Lift lid to reveal spacious storage space
  • Three sets of magnets holds the skull together
  • Made from Resin with a Chrome finish
  • Bright red glowing eyes
  • Great gift for Terminator fans
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 13cm

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T2 Skull Box - Review by thomas

Proper chuffed with this, it looks better when you actually see this in real life, love the detail, respect.