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3 solar robots to build

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Our Sun is a huge ball of fire, more than 100 times bigger than the earth, that kicks out a serious amount of energy every second. It's believed that solar power technology will save our planet, being a long term, and clean energy source. To harness this awesome power we're going to need some very clever boffins to work out a serious amount of maths, and the T3 Solar Robot could be the spark that excites a little Einstein of the future'!

This super cool, build it yourself robot is a great way to learn about basic solar power technology and can be transformed into either an Optimus Prime-esk Robot, rolling Tank or crawling Scorpion! As soon as you are bored with one style, simply reassemble to your next transformation.

The instructions are clear and involve no gluing, so no cries of "Mum! I've stuck my hands together!". The end results are three of the coolest solar models money can buy!

Sounds great so far, but what if you live in the UK, like us, which hardly ever sees the sun? Well, this eco-friendly robot can also be powered by a 50 halogen bulb (or brighter).

Product Features

  • Solar powered robot kit
  • Click together parts (no glueing and screwing)
  • Learn the basics of solar power
  • Build one of three models
  • Can be powered by a 50 halogen bulb
  • 3 different models to build
  • Robot model measures approx. 12cm x 7cm x 7cm
  • Scorpion model measures approx. 11cm x 15cm x 7cm
  • Tank model measures approx. 8cm x 15cm x 12cm

Technical Specifications

  • Solar panel included
  • Motor provided
  • No batteries required


  • 2 x part sprues
  • Sticker set
  • 1 x Solar panel
  • Instruction manual

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