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The Tantrix Puzzles are unlike any we have seen before. The aim of the game is to build as many connecting loops and chains as you can with the coloured ribbons on each tile. Place a tile down one by one and connect the ribbons together. The more tiles on the table the harder it gets!

The Tantrix Discovery Pack is the smaller of the two and contains ten tiles. Your aim is to build loops of various shapes and sizes starting with just three tiles. Each new tile you add gives you a different and more challenging puzzle.

The Tantrix Game Pack contains 56 tiles in an easy to carry zip up bag. Over 30 puzzles and 2 multiplayer strategy games are included. Take Tantrix with you anywhere for fun addictive puzzle solving.

Product Features

  • Addictive puzzles
  • Connect tiles together
  • Create coloured loops
  • Tiles sizes approx. 4cm x 4cm

Tantrix Discovery:

  • 10 puzzles included
  • 10 coloured tiles

Tantrix Game Pack:

  • 30+ puzzles
  • 2 multi-player strategy games
  • 56 coloured tiles

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